Biography (English version)

Biography Gina BiervlietBiervliet, Gina Felicia

Born on 3 July, 1986, the Netherlands. Gina was raised by her mother in the well known city of tolerance, Amsterdam. At a young age Gina learned to stand up for herself, to work hard and to stay focused to achieve what she wants in life. Her spiritual journey started at a young age when her mother showed her several temples in India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

As a child Gina was active in performing arts such as acting, singing and dancing. To keep her body and mind in balance she started with yoga in 1999.Through consistent practice and talent she past the auditions for the Dance Academy in Groningen. In addition to her study she continued practicing yoga and meditation.

By the time she was a teenager her own spiritual path had unfolded. She practiced Raja yoga meditation with teachers from the Brahma Kumaris centre in 2006. Both at home and abroad she has enjoyed different styles of yoga classes. For example Vinyasa Krama from Srivatsa Ramaswami in New York, Ashtanga from Paul Dallaghan in Thailand, and Bikram and Iyengar yoga in the Netherlands.

At some point in her life she decided to stop dancing. In 2008 she started to study physical therapy which she had finished studying in 2012. Meanwhile, she gave lessons at various gyms as a certified teacher in pilates and body balance. In 2014 she followed a 200RYT yoga teacher training with Tony Giuliano and Kenny Graham from California.

Gina is the founder of The YogaPhysio (De YogaFysio in Dutch), a service where her knowledge about the human body and yoga comes together. With the YogaPhysio she spreads her passion and love for health and awareness through meditation and yoga.RYT200